Summer of Swift

When Apple announced Swift at WWDC 2014 my jaw hit the floor. Along with everyone else I had no way to guess that Apple was preparing such a massive announcement. Not only did they announce a whole new language that was ready to start being developed on, but one that… »

Building an Entire Product in 6 Weeks (How we built the Chartbeat Paid Content Tool)

A little while ago we released our Paid Content product after two consecutive six week sprints. The first six weeks were spent creating the MVP, and the second six weeks were spent polishing it up. This is the breathless tale of those first six weeks. Part 1: Research This whole… »

Don't Deal With It, Fix It

I've used Sublime Text for a long time. I started using it when it hit version 2 and clung to it like all hell was about to break loose. It fit my needs well. Opened nearly instantaneously, had sensible defaults for editing, and a lush and vibrant community of third-party… »

Long Form and Short Form, Where do they belong?

Warning: what follows rambles and has no real point except to think aloud. Read at your own indulgance. So here’s a new idea that’s isn’t new. Right now I have my blog. On there I write long form pieces. Things that take up more time than reading… »

Getting Comfortable With Ember.js

Source Over the past month I’ve been learning Ember.js. It’s been interesting for me as I’m coming from a background of Backbone and Angular. I used Backbone for over a year at my previous job, and now use Angular.js at my current job. I’m… »

Ghost and Ember - Together At Last

Recently Ghost decided that its admin application was in need of an overhaul. Currently built on Backbone it has slowly become hard to maintain. Backbone Models and Collections are great - extremely powerful, well tested, and very robust - however its view layer leaves a lot to be desired. As… »