A new blank slate.

A new blank slate. Oh how lovely, to look upon. Without focus and lacking structure, immediately adrift and billowing free. A blank slate greets me today »

The Fear Found At Beginnings

I always, without exception, hate starting new posts. I always get a clutch of fear in my chest that doesn't let go till I get to »

On Writing And Blogging Healthily

When is there time to think? Or rather, when is there time to write? When all the hours of the day are spent concentrating to create »

The Magic Bullet To Write More Often

Every so often I get the idea that if I were to blog underneath a different name I'd blog more often. I get some weird idea »

The Early Stages Of Success

It isn't always possible to get something right on the first go around. There‚Äôs a lot of factors at play that could push the success »

Page Views

Sometimes it's very hard to predict how many hits this blog will get. For example today I wasn't expecting many hits on this blog. I was »