The Modern Front-end Workflow - From Start to Finish

Front-end engineers have gone through a bit of a renaissance in recent years. There's been a wild and wonderful spurt in innovation that has completely changed »

Finding an Apartment in NYC

Finding an apartment in New York City is one of the most ego deflating, energy sucking, and soul-destroying processes I've ever experienced. In case my litany »

Week of Links 008

Think the Answer’s Clear? Look Again - Medical Statistics Who knew medical statistics could be so interesting? I certainly didn’t. Did you know Academy »

Week of Links 002

A Guide to Meditation for the Rest of Us This is a nice and brief guide teaching you how to meditate. I find mediation to be »

23andMe Genetic Testing

I love new and cool technologies.  This ranges from the supreme laziness afforded by an iRobot Dirt Dog to the awesome laziness afforded by a Segway »

Amazon Marketplace How-To Guide Part 3

And here’s the third and final part of my How-To Guide for Selling Your Stuff on Amazon Marketplace. I loved writing this part because here »