Nyan Cat and Ron Make Nyan Ron!

Hey, so check this out You've probably seen Nyan Cat before. It's cute at first, weird at second, and then just downright annoying. My friends and »

Jonathan Ames Drunkenly Presents Awards

Here's a video of Jonathan Ames drunk, and presenting awards at the Writers Guild awards ceremony. I can't really put in writing how great this video »

Funny, Creative, Scary Ad for Technical College

This is an ad for a technical college in Australia. It starts off really funny and creative and ends on a really scary and creative note »

Mesmerizing Video of a Washing Machine Destruction

I'm not sure why I felt so uncomfortable while watching this video. Perhaps it was due to the somewhat human face of the washing machine. I »

A Squirrel Dancing To Michael Jackson

Everyone can use a little more Michael Jackson in their life. That's why you need to watch these two videos of first a squirrel dancing to »

ShamWow Guy Now Selling The Schticky

This is the funniest thing I've seen today. The guy who sold the infamous ShamWow is now pushing a new product called the Schticky, which you »