First Version of Theme HarryWolff 2.0 Is Live!

If you look around you can see that I've switched to the new theme that I've been developing over the weekend. It's made with love and »

Creating A New WordPress Theme

The theme around here is feeling a little stale to me. I've started working on a new theme for this blog, using WordPress-Skeleton as the base »

Permalink Structure Update

I've just updated the permalink structure of the URLs for this blog. Previously I was using the 'month and name' configuration for each post, i.e »

Version 0.3 of HarryWolff WordPress Theme In Use

Well, look what we have here! If you would be so kind as to look around you'll notice that this blog has a new paint of »

How To Choose a WordPress Theme

The old saying goes, 'the clothes don't make the man', to which I reply, 'Yes that may be true, but they certainly don't hurt.' For »

Updated Blog Theme, Using Twenty Eleven

For a while I've been itching to use a new theme for this blog. That's why starting today I've switched over to using one of the »