Week of Links 013

I know it's late. Life's getting busy. You should be able to enjoy what I've found for you here. Let me know what you like best.

Also I'm sure you've noticed the new 'Week of Links' graphic. Courtesy of Rachel. Thanks Rachel. :)

The Many Reasons We Procrastinate, Including the Multiple Selves
The short version of this summary of the article? We procrastinate because we're all schizophrenic in some way. "Huh?" That's what I thought too.

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits
Got some free time? Have some fun analyzing Facebook profile pictures.

Google Is Road Testing Cars That Drive Themselves
I can't wait to try my first self-driving car. That day will be so awesome. So, so awesome.

Cool Teenagers Use Peer Pressure to Prevent Smoking
We've finally found a method that works! Just as much as peer pressure helps kids start smoking, it can help make them stop too!

iPad becomes 'most quickly adopted non-phone electronic product,' analysts get giddy
I know I said 'wow' after reading this.

Frito-Lay Pulling Compostable Snack Bags Over Noise
We have only ourselves to blame. Shame on us.

Watch a 20-Year-Old Louis CK Perform Standup in 1987
Louis C.K. is probably the world's best stand-up comic at the moment. Have a look at how he started off.

How Louis C.K. Shoots and Edits His Own Show
Did I mention that Louis C.K. is one of the best stand-up comics alive right now? What a guy.

Quick Tour - Google TV
Google TV is coming soon. It's gonna be awesome, I can promise you. Take a look at what it's going to offer when it comes out.

The Difference Between a Full-Frame Sensor and the Tinier One Inside Your DSLR
This will be mostly of interest to techno-folk, but to those folk it'll be really interesting. Makes me really want to buy a full-frame sensor camera, and then I realize those start at $2,000 dollars and I stop dreaming.

Use Toothpaste to Restore Old Sneakers
Gotta love these home-spun remedies.

Wash Away Sticky Residue with Vodka
More home-spun remedies.

David Simon's original pitch for The Wire
For all you Wire fans out there. (You can count me in your numbers.)

Detect Liars by Making Them Draw
Interesting stuff here. I'd love to try it on my dog when he goes to the bathroom indoors. I'd like to see him try and lie his way out of that one! Hah!

Peniplus: For Men Who Only Have One Penis
I lol'ed. It's a cocky video, I won't lie.

Skinny Women Make More Money—But Skinny Guys Make Less
Life is most definitely un-fair. Also: science can be so mean sometimes.

100 Essential Comedians to Follow on Twitter
You know you wanna.

Hack Together The Ultimate Phone System With OpenVBX
For your reference and mine. Should you ever feel so inclined to try to make your own phone system on a rainy day.

How to Replace Your Landline with Google Voice
Same goes for this article. Gotta love telephony.

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